Albasa, Algodones del Bages, S.A.U.

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Albasa, especialistas en incontinencia urinaria, algodón hidrófilo e higiene femenina.

Algodones del Bages, S.A.U. (ALBASA), with our headquarters in Sant Vicenç de Castellet (Barcelona, Spain), has more than 20 years experience in the sector and features among the principal European manufacturers of hygienic-sanitary products.

ALBASA specialises in the manufacture and distribution of sanitary, hygienic and cosmetic products, including incontinence underpads, hydrophilic cotton products and other items relating to feminine intimate hygiene.

The various divisions of the company are responsible for the marketing and distribution of our products to the pharmaceutical and wholesale sectors.

We have one production centre (with premises of more than 11,000 m2), where over 90 employees carry out production, administrative or marketing activities.

Albasa, Algodones del Bages, S.A.
Albasa installations
Albasa installations
C/ Frederic Mompou s/n
08295 St.Vicenç de Castellet
Barcelona (SPAIN)


C/ Frederic Mompou S/N - 08295 Sant Vicenç de Castellet - Barcelona (SPAIN)

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